Plant and Create the Garden of your life



"Existing means growing - grow through life"

I truly believe that each one of us has his own way to grow through life. Plantation of Creativity is a place of your personal growth and transformation. From a seed to a flower. From a sheep to a unicorn.


I support people during the process of growth, which often is an out-of-the-comfort-zone experience. 

I provide the tools to build good and healthy relationships with yourself, your partner and with your family. I help you to notice what is hard to notice and connect the dots, which seem unconnected from the first glance. I help people in difficult life situations. Issues like couples separation, loneliness, divorce, low self-esteem, lack of motivation in life, single parenthood and inability to find a suitable partner are topic where my expertise can help you. 

With my unique combination of methods: family constellations by Bert Hellinger and art therapy I can help you to uncover your blockages and release old patterns which block your personal happiness.  I discovered that art and creativity can lead to self-healing and they wonderfully help to express emotions which are stuck in our bodies and minds. My clients are people:

-unhappily married

-single mothers or fathers

-singles wanting to find a life partner

-those wanting to change their career path or start their own business

-ill (for example cancer, female organs diseases, allergies, alcoholism)

-persons who want to improve relationships with their family

Additionally, I offer drawing workshops in a local museum of Kunsthaus in Zurich. My art classes will help you to gain skills in drawing, train yourself at observation and focus, and spend a creative and relaxing time with similar-minded people.

Areas in which I help