Plant and Create the Garden of your life

"Existing means growing - grow through life"

Plantation of Creativity is a place of your personal growth and transformation.


I support people during the process of growth, which often is an out-of-the-comfort-zone experience. 

I provide the tools to build good and healthy relationships with yourself, your partner and with your family. I help you to notice what is hard to notice and connect the dots, which seem unconnected from the first glance. I support people in difficult life situations. Issues like couples separation, loneliness, divorce, anger, low self-esteem, lack of motivation in life, single parenthood and inability to find a suitable partner are topic where my expertise can help you. 

With my unique combination of methods: family constellations by Bert Hellinger and art therapy I can help you to uncover your blockages and release old patterns which keep you away from the things you want in your life.  I discovered that art and creativity can lead to self-healing and they wonderfully help to express emotions which are stuck in our bodies and minds. My clients are people:

-ill (cancer, female organs diseases, allergies, depression, alcohol addiction)

-single mothers or fathers

-singles wanting to find a life partner

-those wanting to change their career path

-people who are stuck in life and cannot go further on their own

Additionally, I offer drawing workshops in a local museum of Kunsthaus in Zurich. My art classes will help you to gain skills in drawing, release your emotions after spending a tough day at work, train yourself at observation and focus, and spend a creative and relaxing time with similar-minded people.

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Areas in which I help

Learn the opinions of people with whom I worked

“Aleksandra was not the first coach to whom I turned to. What distinguishes her from others is her deep knowledge of family dynamics. She sees instantly where the problem lies. I feel blessed to have been able to work with her. I was able to solve a problem, that was present both in my family, as well as in the family of my husband. I can only recommend Aleksandra further.”

Magdalena from Poland

“I had individual Skype sessions with Aleksandra. I couldn’t wait to her sessions, because she is such a joyful and positive person. I had problems in my relationship and Aleksandra helped me to see the causes of it and my own emotional and behavioral patterns that I brought in. I noticed her on YouTube and her videos spoke to my heart. That’s how I contacted her and I think this was no accident but a gift from heavens. Thank you Aleksandra from the bottom of my heart!”

Monica from Switzerland

“Cześć moja droga DEPRESJO… Tak zaczynam każdy ranek. Nidy nie wierzyłam w terapie, siedzenie, gadanie, „bla, bla, bla”. Aż do lipca 2020…To był przypadek, kiedyś, Aleksandra „wyskoczyła” mi z „internetów„ Poszperałam, poobserwowałam działania Aleksandry. Jednak zdecydowałam się na kontakt chyba dopiero po roku. To był impuls. Albo i moja ostatnia szansa na nowe lepsze życie. Tego nie da się opisać żadnymi słowami, jak przez te, dokładnie 10 tygodni moje wnętrze zaczęło się zmieniać. Wieloletnia farmakoterapia nie przynosiła zmian. Teraz chcę żyć! Połączenie moich leków z odpowiednim terapeutą – Aleksandrą daje w końcu rezultaty.  Czekam na każdą sesje z Aleksandrą z apetytem na więcej i więcej. Bo to jeszcze nie koniec. Przede mną długa praca nad sobą. Aleksandro, łzy mi płyną jak to piszę, dziękuję! Mam nadzieję, że ktoś to kiedyś przeczyta i pomoże samemu sobie, zrobi ten pierwszy krok, jak ja – skontaktuje się z Tobą.

Justyna ze Szwajcarii