Plant a Creative Garden of your life

"Existing means growing - grow through life"

I truly believe that each one of us has his own way to grow through life. Plantation of Creativity is a place of your personal growth and transformation. From a seed to a flower.


I support people during the process of growth, which often is an out-of-the-comfort-zone experience. 

I provide the tools to build good and healthy relationships with yourself, your partner and the surrounding world. I help you to notice what is hard to notice and connect the dots, which seem unconnected from the first glance. I help people in difficult life situations. Issues like couples separation, loneliness, divorce, low self-esteem, lack of motivation in life and inability to find a suitable partner are topic where my expertise can help you. 

With my unique art therapy methods I can help you to uncover your blockages and release old patterns which block your personal happiness.  I discovered that art and creativity can lead to self-healing and they wonderfully help to express emotions which are stuck in our bodies and minds. My clients are women with relationship problems. Unhappily married, tired of life and challenges that life brings them, single – wanting to find a loving and caring partner, or women wanting to finally change their life and do what they have always dreamt of doing. Let’s connect and let me help you. Book a consultation session with me. Plant a seed of your happiness and relationship success.

Areas in which I help