What would you tell to your 10-year-old self?

That might have been 20, 30 or 50 years ago. You grow up fast, forgetting how it was when you were a kid. You don’t go to the playgroung anymore and instead you stress yourself out how to pay the morgage you had taken for your home.

Your body grows but, unfortunately, you cannot tell the same about your psyche. The mind does not change. It sits within our brain like Buddha, forever meditating, digesting all our experiences and creating new ones.    Sometimes we lock inside our mind our traumas from the childhood. Some of them we overcome on our way to adulthood and some are still there. They come out usually during the happiest and most loving moments in our lives. It is then, when we finally get our dream job or find a loving partner, we ask ourselves:   – am I worth earning this money? – what if he/she will cheat on me? – do I deserve him/her? – why am I in constant fear that when all is good something will break for sure?   Such emotions and thoughts stem from the fact that as kids we experienced the whole spectrum of feelings and circumstances. Some of them blocked our feelings of “I am good enough” and “I believe I am a good and magical person”. It doesn’t matter here if it were our parents, school colleagues, teachers and the rest of the system.   Imagine you meet your 10-year old self. Before the majority of your experiences (good and bad) shape you. What would you tell yourself? Would you feed your inner-child with more positive thought and more love?   What would I tell to my 10-year-old self?

1. Life is a game Aleksandra. It’s neither a Moroccan bazaar nor an ascetic cave. If you wanna play good learn the rules of the game called Life.

2. Love yourself because you are beautiful the way you are. Don’t listen to your colleagues making fun of your body. Let yourself be.

3. Be grateful for everything you have and the family who surrounds you. These persons might depart any moment and it’s important to love them the way you love yourself. Show them your affection and love. Even if they don’t show it to you.

4. Play, swing and have fun in the playground. The time for books and learning will come later.

5. Each failure is a next step towards your success. Those who don’t make mistakes never grow and never learn. So take your bike again, fall again and learn how to ride!