About Plantation

I am Aleksandra Bzdzikot: a certified art therapist, coach and artist relentlessly exploring human nature to understand how we can make our lives better. I believe there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for becoming happier, healthier or more creative. When we get to know ourselves better, we see what works for us and what doesn’t.

This is what I discovered about myself. I had a “normal” life, but I always wanted to do what I had passion for.
Ten years ago, I was a woman, in my early twenties, with low self-esteem, a couple of hurting relationships on my account and many emotional challenges. I was lost. I was not sure about what I wanted to do in my life. Art has always been my greatest passion and I wanted to become an artist. I had no art background (studies) and I was often hearing “You can’t do it” or “You are not good enough”, words that left at that time wounding footprints in my body and soul. Discouraged and unhappy, I took an office job as an assistant. I was a sheep. I was going to work that I hated, but I lacked the courage to let it go and finally move towards my own goals and dreams.

I decided to change that.

My Transformation: Becoming a Unicorn

What happened to my dream of becoming an artist? I decided I wouldn’t give up. So I set my feet onto a path, which led me to the wonderful place that I am now. I am an artist. True to be told, I have always been one in my heart, but I haven’t always practiced. It has changed since I left the sheep marathon and started to focus on what is essential to me.

I’ve had 4 international art exhibitions, and my art was published in numerous art books and magazines (“Art Collector Book” by the Middle East Art Collector Association; UAE 2018; “Current Masters 2” by World Wide Art Books, USA 2016; “International Contemporary Masters XI” World Wide Art Books, USA 2017; “World Art Yearbook 2017” by International Art Festival 2017).

Now, I am a unicorn, and I dare to say that. I am a happy woman, living my life to the fullest and enjoying every moment of it. I founded the “Plantation of Creativity” to help you to grow and live the life you always wanted to have. To heal your emotional traumas and establish successful relationships in your life. Why can I help you? I’ve been there where you are.

I spent ten years trying to put my life together, heal old wounds caused by my past relationships and make myself happy. I went through numerous coachings, therapies and other psychological trainings. I am grateful to my teachers and masters, who helped me to re-discover my way. Instead of these ten years, it could have been done in months. That’s what I learned and now I would like to give you the tools to make your life magical and blooming.

"I genuinely believe you deserve to be a unicorn.
I will help you to become one.

Art + Coaching: Methods

Reframing negative emotions into neutral or positive ones with the help of art methods: drawing or painting. It will show you a different views on how we can deal with diffucult emotions.

Your world is your mirror. What you think becomes your reality. I help you to see that you and your thoughts are the creators of your world, your emotions, your abundance or lack of it.

This methodology (adapted to my art therapy) helps to understand how certain life problems, fears and traumas have their source not in us, but in our ancestors.

This simple method helped me to be in the place where I am now. A happy place full of fulfillment on a personal as well as business level. I will teach you why dreams generally don’t come true and what to do to change it.

A great tool for achieving your dreams, goals and plans. Visualization, if done correctly, can help to tune your mind and create focus. The most powerful notion to create and materialize.

This is a method of working on paper and expressing your thoughts and feelings. It helps a lot in the moments of stress and helps you to notice the good and positive things around you.