About Plantation

Hello! I am Aleksandra Bzdzikot: a certified art therapist, family constellations coach and artist relentlessly exploring human nature to understand how we can make our lives better. I believe there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for becoming happier, healthier or more creative. When we get to know ourselves better, we see what works for us and what doesn’t.

Before I started my own business, I worked 10 years in international environment as a legal consultant. I had a good office job, yet I was feeling unhappy. I felt that spending 10 hours in a job and in traffic was not a recipe for my ideal life. 

Since I was a small girl, I had a great passion for painting and drawing, which helped me to establish my career as an artist and show my artworks worldwide. I discovered that art and creativity can lead to self-healing and they wonderfully help to express emotions which are stuck in our bodies and minds. 

I hold a degree in art therapy from the Institute for Higher Education and Professional Research (ISFAR) in Florence, Italy. I am also a family constellations therapist in training at the Hellinger’s School in Bad Reichenhall, Germany. 

I speak fluent English, Polish, Russian, Italian and German. 

More about me:

  1. my first book about relationships “Snowdrops”, which was published in Poland (in original “Przebiśniegi”, WFW 2018)
  2. my articles on psychology and relationships
  3. an interview with me done by Vinay Deshpande, a successful coach from Basel
  4. check my artworks


– “Art Collector Book” by the Middle East Art Collector Association; UAE 2018
– “Current Masters 2” by World Wide Art Books, USA 2016
– “International Contemporary Masters XI” World Wide Art Books, USA 2017
– “World Art Yearbook 2017” by International Art Festival 2017)

International art exhibitions:                                          

– Switzerland, The Otter Gallery, Zurich, coming in 2020
– Switzerland, Art & Science Exhibition, ETH Zurich, 2019
– Austria, Steiner Gallery, Vienna, 2018
– Italy, Galleria ArtTime, Udine, 2017

– United States, Contemporary Art Fairs New York, 2016


"Plant a seed of your happiness and relationship success."

How does my work look like?

The methods I use are art therapy and family constellations. The methodology of family constellations (adapted to my art therapy) helps to understand how certain life problems, fears and traumas have their source not in us, but in our ancestors. Art therapy helps to release emotions and emotional blockages and understand the reasons behind it.

Family Constellations help to understand how certain life problems, fears and traumas have their source not in us, but in our ancestors.

Art Therapy helps to release emotions locked in your body and mind.

What are the key benefits of my coaching?

1. You strengthen your relationship to yourself.
2. You break the patterns, which you were stuck in.
3. You create the seed of your own transformation and grow the garden of your happiness and life balance.

Do you want to work with me on Skype?
Please write me an email.
Cost of an individual session: 150 CHF
Time: 1h