How to be a better parent?

better parent

“We never know the love of a parent till we become parents ourselves“ Henry Ward Beecher Tons of books have been written to reflect this question. Many parents every day are asking themselves this question: “How can I be a better parent? What can I do to ensure my kids experience only the best? How … Read moreHow to be a better parent?

Family trauma and epigenetics

family trauma and second world war

Can kids inherit their parent’s trauma? How exactly is family trauma and epigenetics linked together? Can family trauma be passed on through generations? How is that possible? Welcome to the world of epigenetics. What is trauma? Firstly, trauma is generally defined as an event that induces intense fear, helplessness, or horror. For instance the trauma … Read moreFamily trauma and epigenetics

50 shades of psychology – personality analysis of Anastasia Steel

50 shades of psychology plantation of creativity

The movie “Fifty Shades of Grey” became a blockbuster. Hardly anyone realizes that the film trilogy depicts serious personality disorders of the two main heroes – Christian Grey and Anastasia Steel.  Let me invite you to the first article of my series “50 shades of psychology”, where today I analyse the personality of Anastasia Steel. … Read more50 shades of psychology – personality analysis of Anastasia Steel

Does unconditional love create healthy relationships?

unconditional love plantation of creativity

Unconditional love is a very noble idea. It means that we respect the other person the way he or she is, with no conditions and no expectations of receiving anything in return. The question, however, is – does unconditional love create healthy relationships? “I love him so much, unconditionally” – I hear this phrase often … Read moreDoes unconditional love create healthy relationships?

Disease as a family problem

disease as a family problem

The disease is usually seen as a personal phenomenon. Especially the so-called ‘incurable’ disease like cancer or a variety of mental disorders like schizophrenia. Let’s say you have an autoimmune disease. You go to the doctor’s and he prescribes you some medications. Usually, you’d need to take them till the end of your life to … Read moreDisease as a family problem

Strong woman looking for love

strong woman plantation of creativity

Are you a strong woman looking for love? You have a good job, a nice apartment, you’re bright and super-intelligent but there’s no man around you? If you answer yes to this question, then this article is for you. Strong woman. Who is she? Times have changed. Now women can work, earn the same or … Read moreStrong woman looking for love

Why coaching doesn’t always work?

Why coaching doesn’t always work

Have you been to a coach and nothing changed after? Discover three reasons why coaching doesn’t work for you. 1. You are not willing to change.  You hang on to your old beliefs and your comfort zone. Don’t feel like learning something new. Ultimately, your life is not so bad, is it? Maybe it’s now … Read moreWhy coaching doesn’t always work?

I married the wrong person. What to do?

I married the wrong person

People marry for all the possible reasons. But one of the greatest is love. But what if I married the wrong person?  After a rosy dating period of two years, John married Nicole, to her great happiness. She liked everything about him. They enjoyed great sex together and endless conversations over a cup of morning … Read moreI married the wrong person. What to do?

Single mothers and excluded fathers

single mothers and excluded fathers

There is a certain dynamic played out in contemporary society and it is called single mothers and excluded fathers. I have noticed that there are mothers who voluntarily exclude fathers from their child’s life. There are many different life situations like the death of the father of the child, in vitro fertilization when the father … Read moreSingle mothers and excluded fathers

Family constellations for beginners

family constellations

What are family constellations for beginners? What exactly is this method about? That’s always a tough question to explain but let me tell you a bit about it. It didn’t start within you. Family constellations are about healing the relationships in your family, which in turn heal you and your perception of reality. You haven’t … Read moreFamily constellations for beginners