Arnold Böcklin – Nude couple portait drawing class in Kunsthaus

Arnold Böcklin – Nude couple portait drawing class in Kunsthaus


Join my drawing class where you will learn the basics of drawing on the example of great art masters and enjoy sketching in an artful atmosphere of Kunsthaus in Zurich.

We will be drawing a couple portrait by Arnold Böcklin, a Swiss painter born in Basel, who had an influence on surrealist painters after his death.

Technique: pencil and dry pastels.

You will learn:

  1. Historical background of the painting “Lovers”.
  2. A couple of interesting facts about Arnold Böcklin.
  3. How to draw a couple portrait: correct proportions and transferring the intimate relationship of the couple onto paper.
  4. Basic techniques for drawing with dry pastels.

What to expect?

  • instructions on how to draw step-by-step with individual help from the teacher
  • individual analysis of your drawing and hints for the future
  • meeting new creative people
  • widening your knowledge in art and art history
  • complete immersion  “in the here and now” which results in deep relaxation state similar to a meditation

Dry pastels will be distributed to you during the class. You don’t need to bring yours if you don’t have them.


Additional information


on request

Meeting point:

Kunsthaus Zurich, Heimplatz 1, 8001 Zurich in the lobby.

What to bring:

A4 size paper plus a pencil and a rubber. Please also take something steady to draw on – it can be a hard paper notebook or something similar.


Due to security policy in Kunsthaus we offer max 10 places for this workshop. Beginners are highly welcome.