Custom Portrait

Custom Portrait


Would you like to have a portrait of your child or someone from your family?

I paint portraits with oil and acrylic on canvas. I also do pencil portraits on paper. Write me a message and let’s talk about you and your personal wishes for a portrait. Usually, I need one or two good quality photographs of a person.

The price depends on the technique and size of the canvas. Here are some examples:

1. Portrait, oil & acrylic on canvas 120 cm x 80 cm; price 1500 CHF

2. Portrait, oil & acrylic on canvas 100 cm x 100 cm, price 1300 CHF

3. Portrait, oil & acrylic on canvas 75 cm x 50 cm, price 900 CHF

4. Postrait, oil & acrylic on canvas 60 cm x 45 cm, price 700 CHF

5. Portrait, pencil on paper, size A4/A3, price: 500 CHF

Usually I need 2-3 weeks to prepare such a portrait. If you see a size, which is not available above, contact me and I provide you with a custom pricing.