“Portrait of a painter” drawing class in Kunsthaus

“Portrait of a painter” drawing class in Kunsthaus


Practicing art and creativity helps you to grow. Not only with your technical skills but also emotionally. Taking time for yourself is essential and trying out new things can only enhance the process.

Join my art class in Kunsthaus and learn how to draw a portrait of a painter. The painting I chose for this evening is quite special. Actually, there are 2 figures on it – a young girl, the paintress, and the face of her art teacher on her canvas.

technique: pencil on paper

You will learn:

  • how to sketch the body and face at an angle
  • art history facts about Anna Waser and her art
  • how to draw people in correct proportions
  • how to shade your work

There will be some art coaching exercises during the class to enhance your skills and spirit.

What to expect?

– step-by-step instructions on how to draw
– individual analysis of your drawing and hints for the future
– meeting new creative people and spending an enjoyable evening in Kunsthaus

Cost: 45 CHF (all inclusive)

Beginners are highly welcome.

Looking forward to meeting you and drawing with you!

Artist & Certified Therapist

Additional information

Date and time:

25.11.2020, 18:00-20:00

Meeting point:

Kunsthaus Zurich, Heimplatz 1, 8001 Zurich at 18:00 in the lobby

What to bring?

All materials are included in the price


Due to COVID situation the class is limited to 6 participants. Wearing masks in the museum is voluntary. There will be a 1.5m distance secured during the workshop. If you want, you can still wear a mask.