Segantini drawing class in Kunsthaus

Join my drawing class in Kunsthaus and see the artwork of Giovanni Segantini. He is a painter of the beautiful Graubünden area in Switzerland.

On this class we will focus on drawing with pencil and colorful crayons. They will allow you to enhance the green, white and blue shades of the painting. All my classes are open both for beginners as well as seasoned artists. You don’t need to have any pre-knowledge on art, painting or drawing. With my help you will be able to create an artwork of your own and spend a creative evening with similar-minded people.

technique: pencil and colorful crayons on paper

Cost: 45 CHF

Interior design drawing class in Kunsthaus

Book this drawing lesson where you will learn the basics of drawing interiors, including some drawing tricks, which will make your drawing exercise easier.

This class is very special, as we will work with soft pastels to enhance the juicy colors of the painting. Our master artist for the evening will be Felix Vallotton.

technique: pencil and soft pastels on paper